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The Workshop – Winning every opportunity is a goal for every company. In a competitive environment, complex client equirements and your own organization challenges for resources it ends up becoming a game of chance. Putting together a winning response to every opportunity involves the right blend of Science and Art and today there is a lot of experience and expertise available to help you learn and apply it in your organization.

The Challenge – Conceptualizing the right solution is not only the responsibility of every Bid/Proposal team but is the single biggest contributor to Winning every opportunity. Given that every RFP (or equally a proactive proposal) has no predefined structure, proposal teams struggle to develop an understanding of the opportunity.

A lack of Solutioneering framework then ensures that there is no consistent proposal output and is left to the ‘heroics’ of individual Solution specialists. This is further compounded by a ‘virtual’ team and a variety of ‘interested but not responsible’ set of stakeholders who need to be satisfied.

The ‘Solutioneering’ workshop brings engineering discipline to every opportunity (independent of size) and will enable Proposal teams to propose the best solution and raise the probability of winning the opportunity.

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The desire to Win Every Opportunity is a universal aspiration. This aspiration is fraught with challenges due to the complexity and the multiple stakeholders involved during the Proposal Process. Yet this is an unstated expectation of Proposal teams. The challenge in front of Proposal teams is develop a Win Strategy for every opportunity in a structured manner. The Strategy needs to take into account Client intelligence, the expectations stated in the RFP and the organization’s capabilities.

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Executive Summaries – Many an opportunity is won or lost with the Executive Summary. Writing persuasive Executive Summaries requires the ‘Art and Science’ of good writing as well as knowing what the client’s concerns are. It requires the writer to take an ‘Outside In’ view of the proposition with the focus being on how the overall solution will deliver significantly more value than the cost of the solution.

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The Association of Proposal Management Professionals ( is a recognized body worldwide for Bid and Proposal Management professionals. As part of its certification process, Bid and Proposal Management professionals can enhance their career by getting themselves Foundation certified (

MindIT is the first organization in India that is licensed to provide the training course as well as conduct the exam (classroom based) (Click Here)

Client Quotes
MindIT’s workshop on Compelling Executive Summaries provided our team an outside in view of writing Executive Summaries. In my personal view, using examples and providing a variety of flavours of Executive Summaries helped the team to draw its own best practices that can be adopted for specific context. I am impressed by the simplified approach of analysing RFPs and in turn driving the Executive Summary. Insightful Workshop!.

Pravakar Bain

Head, Bid Management, Indian Sub-continent,
SAP Global Business Operations
Our objective of getting our Pre Sales teams to develop significant thinking-doing skills was fully met through the workshop on ‘World Class Proposals – Solutioneering’ conducted by MindIT. The interactive sessions and more importantly the variety of techniques, templates and processes provided by MindIT should equip our teams to win even more opportunities. Highly impactful workshop !

Sandeep Arora

SVP and Head-Consulting & Advisory Practice,
Datamatics Global Services Limited
MindIT was contracted by Tech Mahindra to conduct a one day workshop for the AIM program. AIM (Achievers In the Making) seeks to identify high potential technical associates within Tech Mahindra and provide intense training to convert them to entry level sales professionals. The MindIT workshop sought to hone them in the techniques of client business issues and analysis. The key part of the program involved using a mock RFP and team work and was conducted in an interactive manner enabling good quality of learning to the AIM participants.

Krishna Gopal

Head - Talent Management (Sales),
Tech Mahindra
Xoriant’s strategy in setting up of the Pre Sales function to help us win large and more complex business is in line with our goals. A critical requirement was to train our Delivery and Pre Sales teams in the best practices of Proposal Management. MindIT’s workshop delivered a high quality interactive program and today we have a pool of people more than enthusiastic to contribute towards more wins for Xoriant.

Bala Ramdas

Chief Operating Officer (COO),
MECE technique – simply awesome !

A happy past workshop participant

“It is about the solution ... not about you".

A happy past workshop participant

Identify and do not invest time in non-serious bids, re-use proposals up to 70-80%.

A happy past workshop participant

MindIT demonstrated excellent understanding of our requirements for building compelling proposals and administered the course to address these requirements very well, through a well structured process and with adequate personal involvement.

Ravi Ramanathan

Global Marketing Controller,
Zensar Technologies.
Our staff having attended MindIT’s workshop on ‘World Class Proposals – A Master Class’ came back with ready to use templates, guidelines and much more. The staff acquired the end-to-end skills to translate it to actions on the ground and we could immediately see the positive impact it had on our proposals going forward. Highly impactful and recommended !


Xpanxion (UST Global Group)
MindIT’s Pre Sales program provided good concept to our presales professionals to participate in the Bidding process. The technique to ‘break down’ any RFP into manageable components was especially well received.

Akshay Bochia

Vice President, Head Resource Management, HexaVarsity and Global Bid Management,
Hexaware Technologies
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